Sunday, January 2, 2011

Whisk it Good.

In an attempt to throw out a good number of projects this first week, I decided to finally do something about my giant whisk...
A few months back my mother and I were at a store called Hudson's and came across a giant whisk for about $5.  We couldn't resist, so Mama bought me the giant whisk, but it has been sitting in the box ever since.  I wanted to put it on the wall in my kitchen, but couldn't quite decide where it should go.
Yesterday, I decided that I would put it above the refrigerator accompanied by the phrase "Whisk it good."  It was a fairly easy project to do.
I didn't have any vinyl or the money to go out and buy any, so I just stuck with my DCWV cardstock in black and double stick tape.  For this project I thought it would be easier to use MTC and the TTF Script (Bold, I think).  I cut "Whisk it" at 4" and adjusted the "Good" until the G was the same height as the W--not counting the tail.  It ended up being slightly over 4" and "Good" was pretty close to 11.5" long.  I messed up a little trying to decide what to do, but finally ended up with this.
I think it's adorable!  A little dorky, but hey, who isn't some days!  I still think I need to take the comma off...I forgot to do it before taking the picture.
I'm fairly sure you can do this with CDS or a Gypsy in conjunction with your favorite font from a cartridge...I don't have very many cartridges and MTC offers the ease of using TTF from your computer, which is why I chose to go that route.
Hope you enjoy!

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