Monday, February 22, 2016

Samples of 3D projects I created

Closed set of explosion boxes.
Open explosion box with Lettering Delights decorations.

Minecraft print and cut box, with party info inside. (Edited original explosion box I created.)

I created a stencil to create a deck of cards in cookie form.  I used simple shapes, basic fonts, and found images for the King and Queen.

This Frozen invitation was my creation except for the snowflake.  I used converted an image of a snowflake from the movie so it would match the theme.

I found an invitation I liked online and made my on from scratch.  The wings open and close.

The castle was from MTC Gallery and the carriage was altered from Lettering Delights.  The Fonts is just script, but the two tiny crowns and the large crown I created.  The crown on the left is completely mine and the one on the right (same as the large crown) was an image I traced over and simplified to fit my needs.