Monday, January 3, 2011

A Few Cricut Cake Things

I thought I'd show you some of the first things I did with my Cricut Cake machine.  I think I mostly use it for lettering now, but there's one idea I have that I have to buy the cartridge for to do...maybe one day...

Any who, if you "like" the Cricut Cake facebook page, you may have seen some of these pictures.  I also have a fan page for my cakes on facebook, Any Way Cakes, if you want to check out what I can do with cake.

These are pictures of the first things I cut with the Cake.  I think I had made some MMF (marshmallow fondant) to practice with.  I also laid some plastic wrap on the table to lay my cuts to keep them clean.

I don't remember the sizes of anything anymore, but I know everything but the popcorn and skull  were made with the cake basics cartridge.  I was so happy to finally find popcorn on a cartridge.  They and the skull are from the slumber party lite cartridge.  I added some pearl dust from Wilton to add the color.  
Aren't they cute???

 I think this was my favorite of the first things I cut.  It's from cake basics and I think it was cut at 5" or 6".  I was jumping up and down and giggling like a kid on Christmas.  I was SO happy I got this thing to work!  Remember this was my first night playing with this thing, and for days, all I could think of what getting home to play with my new "toy."

Okay, these you may flip may not.  These were made with my first batch of cupcakes I made after I got the Cake.  

In this instance, I "built" a crib from basic shapes on MTC, cut a paper version on the baby bug my sister let me borrow and cut a gumpaste version on the Cake.  I built the paper version in order to have a base for the gumpaste crib to sit on and dry on the form.  Once dry I dusted each white crib with Wilton pearl dust to give the blue and pink shimmer, added a rectangle of a corresponding color for the mattress, hand molded a baby head and used brown Wilton food coloring paste to paint on hair to put in each crib, and hand cut rectangles for the blanket.  Whew, got all that???  Yeah, it's really not as bad as it sounds. :)  
 Aren't the cute as well???  I just baked Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Classic Cake for the cupcakes in plain white baking cups, and made buttercream to cover the tops in blue or pink and added white for clouds.  I immediately placed each crib on the cupcake so the buttercream would help "glue" the crib to each cupcake. 
 The close up above is just adorable, and it shows how intricate MTC and the Cake can cut gumpaste.  Did you notice the heart on the side?

The pictures on each side are of shopping bags on cupcakes.  I know, adorable, right?  
The black/white swirl bags were cut from MMF and the front two bags, green and blue, respectively, were cut from gumpaste.  I was hoping to get a decent cut from MMF so they could be eaten with the cupcake.  
Gumpase is edible but most people don't eat it.  It's hard and I personally don't like the taste.  I usually tell people to just remove it from the cake or cupcake before eating.  I wish I could remember The sizes I cut these at...if you think the top of a standard cupcake is about 2.5" you will start to see just how small they are.  I was so excited about these bags!  They were from the Slumber Party Lite Cartridge as well. 

I hope you enjoyed getting to see a little of what I've done with my Cricut Cake and if you want to see more of my cakes, please hope over to Facebook and search for my fan page Any Way Cakes, and like it.  I love getting new fans!  Oh and please follow my blog!  Things can only get better!

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