Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Must Start Posting Again...

Wow!  It's been a one commented on my last post. :( Oh well, I will pick a project and start with it next time. 

A lot has been going around in the crafting world.  PC and MTC settled the lawsuit...I'm sure everyone has heard by now, if you're in the scrapping/crafting community, but there has been no official word on how this will affect the current users of MTC.

I would be MUCH happier sacrificing my cartridges and keeping MTC.  I have fallen in love with Lettering Delights and I'm sure that I will find lots of cut files to use with my crafting and cake baking that I will have more freedom with than I do with the cartridge images.

I think I do want to post one picture of some trial boxes I made with an LD SVG set...

This is a closed handle box from LD.

I threw some cake balls inside just for giggles!
...and yes, I mean a lot of GIGGLES!  I think they are adorable...granted the boxes don't match the cake balls, but I was working with what I had.

If you're wondering, the cake balls (Bakerella does cake balls and cake pops a lot on her page.) are lemon cake and, I think, these have some kind of lemon curd filling (sweetened condensed milk and lemon juice) covered with white chocolate and yellow candy melts drizzled on top.

Hope you enjoy!