Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today We Will Talk of Cakes!

I think this post may be short, but I'm trying to get through the list of things I've done in the past few months.  Today I am going to talk about a few cakes I've done.  I made my first 3 tier cake for a girls birthday.  The daughter said she wanted a 3 tier white cake with multicolored peace signs on it...and that's what she got, LOL A few weeks later the same girl's sister had a birthday.  Her sister wanted a Little Mermaid cake.  Of course, I have my problems with both, but I think I just want things to be perfect...a good and bad trait. :)  I also threw together some mini cupcakes for my daughter's preschool Easter party that I'd like to share...
I think we will start with the Easter cupcakes.

These are a simple design. Grass tip (233) icing and Robin's Egg Whoppers and some Reese's Eggs for the eggs on top.  Very quick but still cute...I wish I would have had time to do something a little more original, but I made these the day after the Tangled party...on very little sleep...

Next is my first 3 tier cake.  I think it turned out really well.  I used a Cricut Cake with MTC to cut the peace signs, attached the two layers together and adhered them to the cake.  I also used some piping gel to pipe clear peace signs all over the cake for a little more detail.  I really like how it turned out!


I would also like to remind everyone that MTC is no longer compatible with Provocraft products.  If you were lucky enough to purchase MTC before the lawsuit settled, you are still able to use MTC with your machine.  I wish I could afford to replace my paper Cricut and my Cricut Cake, but that requires money...that which I don't have much of... :P  For those who have the compatible program, I would like to remind you to back it up.  It is very sad to see people coming to the MTC forum asking if they can still get the working version because their computer crashed.  They advise you to back up, back up, back up.  LOL It seems crazy, but if you use the program as much as I do and only have Cricuts, you will probably be lost without MTC...I know I would be.  From what I've seen Andy, the creator of MTC, does an awesome job and I highly recommend his product!

Okay, off my soap box and on to my last cake.  The Little Mermaid cake.  I thought it would be fun to replicate the scene where Ariel sings the reprise of Part of your World, I think, where she is sitting on the rock watching Prince Eric being rescued---for a lack of a better explanation...if you know the movie, I think you know where I'm talking about.  And I think you will get it when you scroll down and see pictures.  The only thing I used MTC and Cricut Cake with were the letters. (I think MTC is worth it just for the ability to cut any free font with fondant...everything else it can do with fondant/gumpaste is a fantastic bonus for me.)

Ariel is a doll, but her shells and tail are fondant.  I hand sculpted Sebastian and Flounder.  I personally think Sebastian is a little off but Flounder is right on.

 Tah-Dah!  LOL Okay, I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my work.  As always, if you want to see more of my cake work you can find it on my Facebook Page, Any Way Cakes.

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