Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm So Excited!!!

Okay, to some of you, this may not be a big thing, but I haven't been really into blogging until this year, so it was to me.  I posted a picture of something I worked on yesterday to Penny Duncan's blog, Penny Duncan Creations, as well as a comment on how much I liked her work. 

Well, she hopped over here to thank me for my comment on her page, and ended up seeing my previous post, and commented with the words "WOW, Amazing, and Beautiful." I got chills.  I am so thrilled that someone with such an awesome blog enjoyed my work!  I think you made my day, Mrs. Penny!

And for that, my 6 followers get another blog this week!  One about the Gumpaste Hydrangea Baby I made with Penny's Hydrangea file (This can be found on her website...hope this is okay to post...)

I basically pushed tinted gumpaste into the baby mold, froze it so it would be hard enough to unmold, let it dry, and dusted the baby with petal dust for a more realistic look.  For the Hydrangea, I used Penny's file, and cut it the size it loaded, about .25" for each flower.  I have no idea how many flowers I ended up using (I cut 49 flowers and 2 broke...), but I'm sure I used at least 20 flowers.  I used a ball of gumpaste to "glue" the flowers to, using a gumpaste/water mixture.  After putting the leaves and flower ball on the baby's back, I let it dry.  Once dry, I used some luster dust to give the flowers a little shine, and mixed the luster dust with a little water to dot the centers with.  I think the shimmer adds a little wimzy to the piece...kinda like fairy dust.

I hope you enjoy!

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